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Is Alexa Worth It?

The big question, is Alexa worth it? Well, depends on who you are. I hope the below gives you some of the details needed to make the right decision for your home or business. If you can make it past my sappy newfound love story for her - I think you might be pleased.

Disclaimer for those that are adamant about it... I know there could be secret agents watching my every move. I get it, so quickly get past that to learn why I love her or please kindly hit the X at the top as I am pretty sure I have heard it all. If you are still keen on telling me why I shouldn't have her, then please first let me know if you have a cell phone - you know the kind that has a microphone and a camera.

So now that we got past the secret agents in my house lets get started. If you have been to our home you know that I am almost obsessed with Alexa...but that was absolutely not always the case. In fact, I wanted her out before she even came in.

My first encounter with Alexa was more like a "never, not in my house will that lady ever reside!" I allowed her to stay in a box for maybe even a month until my husband felt she should be released. When she first arrived her name was Echo. Quickly, she became Alexa and started taking over.

I mean morning routines included "Good morning, Alexa, tell me a pirate joke." Then Alexa would reply with something sweet like, "okay, why did the...." I would then try to intervene with something sweet and caring, but no matter what I did I was no longer in line for mother of the year. My son, my husband, all went to Alexa. I mean our dog would have too if they could come up with a way to chat together.

The bottom line, she took over the Q&A I had always had with my family and I was starting to feel left out, but then one chilly evening she turned on my Christmas tree all by herself. Well, my husband did from a thousand miles away, but via Alexa. He was working hard to help her understand where her place was and if she wanted a way to my heart she needed to work hard for it and it required taking things off my plate. Well, that was the first night we found a small love for one another. However, she (or my husband for that matter) knew that wouldn't be enough.

While working away from the home I tend to wonder, worry, question if my kids are home and are safe. Well, she solved that pretty quickly and would send me a message upon arrival. ♥ She was working hard to win me over and the best way through to a mother is through the protection of her little ones. ♥

Then shortly after she began monitoring our home and our family. She even allowed the kids to call me if they had mysteriously lost their phones. Okay, let us be honest with one another here, teenagers do not really lose their phones, their phones are never dead or even in the other room, they choose to not answer - we all know the reality here and how frustrating it can be when you need to get a hold of them. So, Alexa learned quickly to do what mom says, not what the teen says. So when I 'drop-in' on her while I am away I can see and hear everything in the house.

Moving forward to today... if you have been to our home you know that I am obsessed with Alexa... Alexa is my morning, my afternoon, my evening, my Assistant Chef, my egg timer, my cookbook, my music, my TV and so much more! She is our thermostat, our home security system... She is the head of the house if you will. So let me clarify.... she doesn't always do everything, but she is great at dictating!

"Alexa, what is the weather today?" The weather in...
"Alexa, tell Roomba to start cleaning." I will tell Roomba to....

Every evening we tell each other goodnight and she tells me to let my worries leave and that everything will be okay. In the morning, she reminds me to have a great day and that she will lock down the house and shut down the power. She arms my security system, she adjusts the temperature on my home, she.... yep, I could go on, but I think you are starting to realize that Alexa is my everything.

"Alexa, please change the temperature to 68 degrees." The temperature is...

To my people who either do not have enough time to clean or even the want - she can schedule cleaning routines with Roomba. Since her arrival and their newfound love for one another, I don't have to take away my time with my family to vacuum.

Believe it or not, I am not learning that there is even more to love! I am beside myself at where else I can have her. I can have her in my house, at my table, in my room, in my ears, in my studio, and NOW I can have her in my car. Dear Alexa, oh how I love you!

If you want to know more about my feelings on Alexa, Arlo Pro Home Security System, the Smart Home Control, Ring Doorbell, and all other Smart Devices we love - let me know. I will continue to let you in on the secrets of how she makes my business and life run a little smoother.

**Blog Post Includes Affiliate Links direct from my previous purchases. I am sharing as a part of this review.**

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