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From the dark ages...

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

For more years than twenty years, I have been capturing memories for business and pleasure. I like many others have kept those moments on a digital drive like this one to the right, or burnt onto a CD then placed in a box. You get the drift and you are most likely shaking your head in agreement just soft enough so no one notices, I get it - don't worry.

When I started in photography, I had what is now considered an old school film camera. It was the best gift a girl could receive. I spent hours in the darkroom and enjoyed the peace that was brought with each developed image.

I was in a dark room without the luxury of printing everything (or run the course of going broke) or even knowing if what I captured was in focus. For every shot I had to question if I had the right lighting, was it in focus, did the frame hold what I hoped, would it actually turn out in the darkroom for a wall-worthy image. That my friends is where I started and maybe why I overthink everything I do.

I didn't have a photo imaging software system like most photographers have today - I had the darkroom - and I like to think about those times as some of the best. Those were the times I cherished every photo - even the one of the candle and the awkward background required for a lighting class. Or the hummingbird at the window.... or the bridge and water rushing over the rocks. Unknown perfection while weathering the elements to get just one clean shot.

With digital cameras that is not the case for many - we point and shoot and see instantly if what we wanted is what we captured. Of course, because we can click so much and save to a digital drive we click our little hearts out. If it isn't perfect we can still accept the image because not to worry we can edit the image in Photoshop. Which is where I hear many of my photographer friends spend much of their time... where mine is in the field where I am I still working for the perfect shot in the frame when I am shooting - just like in the days of shooting with film.

So why am I telling you all this? What does it matter - great she takes a lot of pictures - puts them on her hard drive and forgets to print them. Let's be honest - I am not the only one here that does this - and ask yourself when was the last time you asked your photographer how much to get all the pictures taken digitally then never used them?

Fast forward to now... I do take a lot more shots than I used to - of course, but I still strive for the perfect image every time I click. Why? I don't really want to alter the image later and have 500 to sort through. I have a joy for shooting, being with my clients, then developing long-lasting images for print. So I get the right image quickly then we go to the space to view for print.

I am focused on pushing people out of the digital acceptance of placing images in a box and shooting to print rather than shooting to share on social media. You know that place where your memories pop up to say I told you so - "I knew you would never print me."

So - yes, I will provide you with digital images, but I will always ask what are we going to print out of the collection. Even if it is a simple photo book, some small images for your fridge, or something nice and clean for your office space.

For my professional candidates that are only looking for those social images - don't worry, I have you covered.

#nostaging #nofilter #noedits

This blog post includes affiliate links to support an understanding of the products I use or select in my business.

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